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Designing for Faith

Thoughts and reflections on the process behind faith-inspired designs.


Everything we wear has an impact on us. Sometimes when you wear something you feel really good about yourself, and sometimes it's the other way around. This is exactly why I started Mistakes Made. This exact reason is why I put my thoughts and ideas onto clothes: I want to feel good about expressing who I am. Designing faith-inspired clothes is not just a one-way street. I see faith as something that is embedded in our everyday lives. It's not exclusive to religion or spirituality (although it's a big part of both). Faith is our feelings, our thoughts, the way we deal with challenges. The balance I'm always trying to strike is between faith and streetwear. How can I make designs that speak my truth, but also fit the needs of trends. It might seem like a hard balance to keep, and most of the times it is, but I enjoy every part of it. Designing clothes for faith helps me reconnect and discover myself and my own path. I've always believed that if an artist's work does not impact them, then it will probably not impact anyone else. So whether it's a tshirt, hoodie, hat, or anything else, I always ask myself this "Why are YOU making this design?" The answer to that question is usually a gut check to how I proceed.

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