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[SOLDOUT] Everest Tee

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The all-new "Everest" T-Shirt; a Tribute to Conquering Life's Peaks!

Gear up and embrace the spirit of determination and resilience with our brand-new oversized "Everest" t-shirt. Whether you're a seasoned mountaineer or someone who tackles life's challenges head-on, this shirt is designed to inspire you to conquer your personal Everest, be it an actual mountain or a metaphorical one.

Our signature oversized fit makes this t-shirt the perfect choice for everyday wear, and everyday adventure. Wear it in the gym, hiking, or on your daily walk, and get a conversation started with the multiple layers of messages embedded in the design. 

The highlight of the "Everest" T-Shirt is the captivating back print that features three inspiring messages, each complimenting conquering personal Everests: 

  1. "The sun in my right, and the moon in my left" (الشمس في يميني و القمر في يساري): Inspired by Prophet Mohamed's (PBUH) unwavering resilience, this is a powerful message that encourages you to push beyond your limits, reach for the skies, no matter what the cost is.

  2. "Everyone has a mountain to climb": this is a reminder for empathy first. No matter who you meet, they have their own journeys. Be kind to everyone :)

  3. "What's your Everest?": this question should be answered everyday. We are reminded to pick our battles, find our dreams, and strive to balance both. 

The front of the "Everest" t-Shirt features a sleek and minimalistic design, with a dark-on-dark puff printing Mistakes logo. It allows the bold back print to take center stage while carrying the essence of elegance and simplicity.

Whether you're gearing up for a challenging expedition, seeking motivation in your daily endeavors, or simply expressing your journey to conquer life's obstacles, the "Everest" T-Shirt is the perfect companion. So, step into your own adventure, wear the shirt that symbolizes your unwavering spirit, and inspire others to conquer their own Everests.


Fit: Oversized.

Material: 100% high quality cotton.

Color: Black


Color: Black
Size: XX-Large
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Color: Black
Size: XX-Large