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"Maktoob" draws its inspiration from a beautiful verse in the Quran that reminds us of the divine decree and the beauty of surrendering. This t-shirt serves as a tangible symbol of embracing the journey, trusting in the unseen, and finding solace in the divine plan.

Wearing the "Maktoob" t-shirt is a personal statement of faith and resilience. It invites you to let go of worries, to release control, and to find peace in surrendering to a God's will. The design sparks conversations and serves as a visual reminder for both wearer and observer to trust in the path ahead.

Whether you're seeking comfort in uncertain times or looking to share a message of hope and trust with others, the "Maktoob" t-shirt will be your steadfast companion. Let its design inspire you to navigate life's twists and turns with grace, knowing that the future is guided by a divine hand.

Fit: Relaxed fit with a drop shoulder. You can get the size you normally get from other brands, or a size up for an oversized look. Tshirt in pictures is a size Large (5’10, 175 lbs)

Color: White.

Material: 100% high quality cotton. 240gm (medium weight)


Size: Small
Color: White
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Size: Small
Color: White